Yeah Lynn!

Mark A. Morin

On June 16th, I had the high honor and distinct privilege of attending my wife Lynn’s graduation ceremony from Salter College’s Culinary program.  Even though she completed all her requirements back in December, there had been no ceremony for her class until this month.  What a great night!

The ceremony took place at Worcester Vocational High School as Salter College did not have adequately-sized facilities for such a large crowd.  I got there early and grabbed a front row seat, only to be bounced to the second row by staff.  I still had a good seats and Ellen joined me unbeknownst to Lynn.  So when “Pomp and Circumstance” played, and she walked down with her class, Lynn was pleasantly surprised to see Ellen and I together at her ceremony.  Ellen brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Lynn, which she loved.

06162016 Ellen and I wait at Graduation Ellen and I wait for Lynn’s big moment!


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